Core & Main  offers a dedicated Plant Group team focused on servicing contractors that build pump stations, storage reservoirs, sewage-lift stations, as well as water and wastewater treatment plants. We offer plant focused sales with unmatched expertise and a comprehensive offering of piping packages and services. Our Plant Group is backed by our superior service and nationally located inventory to satisfy all your plant supplies needs any time you need it.

Our product line spans the breadth and depth of what you need, such as:

Pipes Valves Other Eqiupment Services
Ductile Iron Plug Sluice Gates Customized Specifications
HDPE Butterfly Pressure Gauges Quotes
PVC Check Flow Meters Material Value Analysis
Copper Gate Flexible Couplings Material Management
Carbon Steel Hydraulic Control Expansion Joints Procurement
Stainless Steel Ball Pipe Supports Tracking
FRP Air Mechanical Restraints Delivery

Other services include line (CAD) drawings, submittals, and O&M manuals.

These sales functions are performed by dedicated sales managers, engineers, estimators, professional sales personnel and customer service representatives. Our service mark “Local Service, Nationwide®” says it all. Our plant group is backed by the service and inventory strategically located to satisfy all your plant supplies needs. Core & Main focused on “plant sales” and offers the expertise and the most comprehensive piping product package in the industry to service plant contractors.

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