Metering Grows Up with Core & Main


Over the last 100 years, the challenges of modern metering have drastically evolved. An increase in the complexity of meter solutions demands a simple result – the ability to manage a utility with higher efficiency and effective management of financial resources all while providing superior customer service and stable rates.

Core & Main is committed to assisting customers and engineers with Meter Modernization and improvement projects. We provide nationwide metering solutions supported by a group of dedicated specialists with expertise in utility management, utility contracting, engineering, municipal and contractor finance, project management and project consultation. We have a vast range of experience including Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as well many years of experience in delivering projects on schedule.

Here are some of the many ways our professionals assist in finding the most efficient and beneficial solutions:

  • Turn-Key Projects
    Solutions tailored to need as defined by utility requirements, geographic realities and industry best practices.
  • Project Financing
    Access to historically low interest rates.
  • Revenue Benefit Analysis
    What is the true cost and savings of an advanced metering system? The results may surprise you.
  • Technology Consultation 
    Customer portals and Time of Use metering have extended data requirements to assist you no matter how many reading meters you have per month. Prepaid Account Management (PAM) and Meter Data Management (MDM) software are changing the way utilities operate.
  • Meter Audits
    The rules are changing. With extended flow characteristics of new meters it is often possible to resize meters for higher efficiency, low-flow registration and better revenue capture.
  • Multi-Utility Solutions
    One metering system to read electric, water, and gas - now, that’s efficient!

Did you know?

Automated Metering Systems typically reduce unaccounted water, which leads to more accurate billing and reduction and/or pinpointing of theft. Advanced intelligence also provides enhanced leak-detection strategy.

Smart Meters are more than meters. They routinely assist emergency responders in pinpointing storm damage after tornados or hurricanes.

On average, residential customers may conserve up to ten percent of usage when able to view near real-time consumption data through a customer portal.

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