New Product Spotlight: infraMAPTM

In need of an Asset Management System complete with GIS? Are you looking for ways to use asset information in the field but need it to be a proven, time-tested, and above all an easy-to-use solution? Core & Main has a new tool that meets and exceeds all these requirements. 

Core & Main is now the national distributor for infraMAPTM by iWater. It is a GIS-Centric Asset Management software that you can use to track your assets. This can include fire hydrants, gate valves, meters, water pipe, sanitary sewer, storm pipe, storm detention systems and many of the other material items that we sell. It can also include trees, street lights, traffic signs, vehicles and much more.

Among the system’s uses, condition assessment, operations and maintenance, and issue tracking are some of the highlights. We can help provide assistance to cover all your asset management questions, such as – “What do I have?" and “How do I pay for it?”

InfraMap GIS Software

Still not sure if infraMAPTM is good solution for you? It can take all of the worry out of questions like these so you can get back to work:

1. What do I have?
2. What is it worth?
3. What condition is it in?
4. What do I need to do with it?
5. When do I need to do it?
6. How much is it going to cost?
7. How do I pay for it?

For more information contact us at (612) 597-8515 or visit the infraMAP® software website at

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